Fri, Jun 1, 2018 4:01 AM    Caya Constructs

Loo and behold!

City artist Harshi Agarwal is vibrantly painting artwork on toilets, built by a Delhi firm to talk about good hygiene and create a positive image of the city Armed with their paint brushes, Harshi Agarwal and her helpers walk into the slum areas of Jawahar Nagar every day. Their task: painting newly-made toilets that have been built by Caya Constructs. The toilets are to be painted with grafitti illustrating good hygiene habits and social messages, to increase awareness in these areas. The New Delhi-based firm, w hich focuses on improving sanitation conditions in the country, has been constructing toilets in the city and has commissioned the local artist, Harshi, to make them more vibrant. In the first phase, the firm has built around 30 toilets so far. "Founders of the company have spent their entire life workin g in the field of public health, and sanitation forms a very crucia l part of this. Hence , we chose to construct toilets. As far as Jaipur is concerned, the city - apart from getting a lot of tourist traffic - has a lot of places that have open defecation present, and that too in urban areas. Our aim was to make the city open defecation free so that tourists do not take back wrong impressions of the city and country," said Akshat Suri of Caya Constructs.

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