Company Profile

CAYA Constructs was founded in 2015 to deliver social innovations in the field of sanitation. With an objective to be aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and focus on sustainability, we have made a conscious effort to reflect it in our choice of products and offerings.

Additionally, we are now moving up the ladder, from building and maintaining toilets and faecal sludge treatment plants to supplying and installing various kinds of pre-cast RCC structures.

With the country attaining a sustainable growth in sanitation, we are also moving from sanitation to infrastructure in bespoke pre-cast solutions. Our products are high quality, durable, standardized, factory-manufactured, environment-friendly, quick to produce at a scale and easy to install.

Mission Statement

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and Swachh Bharat Mission, our mission is to provide value-based, cost-effective, scalable and sustainable solutions for people at the base of the pyramid.

Our Infrastructure

We have our factory in Rewari, Haryana, which has an unmatched production infrastructure (batching plants, pre-stressing plants, high quality Malaysian moulds, transit mixers, hydra cranes, pre-stressing lines etc.). Our infrastructure allows us to produce high quality structures in the shortest possible time. All of our product range is manufactured in our factory. We have the capacity to manufacture/ handle pre-cast structures up to 75 cubic meter (CUM) per day, which can be scaled up as per the need.

  Current production capacity (per month):
  • 1,500 units of community/public toilets
  • 1,000 units of modular toilets
  • 600 units of onsite sanitation units (RCC & FRP)
  • 10 units of S&T buildings

As part of a joint venture, we have another factory in Goa as well. This factory primarily caters to the requirements of the local government. A limited range of products ranging from modular toilets to onsite sanitation units (FRP) are manufactured here.
  Current production capacity (per month):
  • 600 units of modular toilets
  • 600 units of onsite sanitation units (FRP)


Life Cycle Of Caya Project


1. Identifying Gap

What are the gaps in India's development narrative? How can we strive to fill them? Our need assessments steer us in the direction of new social solutions.


2. Conceptualizing Solution

We collectively develop the best possible solutions in terms of scale, sustainability, cost-effectiveness, durability, and value for business and society.


3. Scale up

We partner with the government organizations and companies who share our vision so that we can provide access to the maximum number of people.


4. Committing to Precision Timing

'Indian Standard Time' often implies tardiness, but we help to reverse the negative connotation by proving that an Indian company can deliver projects on time, even in Indian conditions.


5. Creating Impact

We monitor and evaluate the impact of CAYA's solutions, especially on the health of people and their quality of life.