CAYA’S Message

India is seeing accelerated growth in its GDP and is expected to sustain or increase this growth in the years to come. While there is a great focus on ease of doing business, expanding the manufacturing etc (Make in India), boosting infrastructure, there are several flagship programs by the Govt of India that are going to positively Impact the life of the poor population of the country.

These programs have very ambitious timelines and hence would need solutions that are not only high quality and cost-effective but can also be scaled at an unprecedented level and speed. Some of these programs are Swachh Bharat Mission (Clean India program), Housing for all, Jan Dhan etc. Hence, the need of the hour today is product innovation to ensure the successful implementation of these very flagship programs and help the govt. in meeting these goals for our country.

However, the aspirational values of the population being targeted by these programs, need to be viewed as a high priority. Hence, the products being innovated and manufactured need to be targeted to their needs and should not just simply be a strip down version of products that are designed for higher income groups.

Hence CAYA wants to innovate, design, scale up and install products to achieve the targets set out by these flagship programs of the government of India and thus contributing towards the achievement of the SDGs.

In an ideal world, I would like to inspire other like-minded people to emulate or better CAYA so that our inner desires can be translated into actions. This is not just a need of the hour but can also be a good business case. What can be better than making a sustainable business by positively impacting people and helping in the growth of the country?

Navneet Garg,