S&T Buildings

Made using panel of C-shaped pre-stressed reinforced cement concrete (RCC) technology, CAYA's S&T Building can be customised as per the need with individual parts that can be easily assembled onsite. <p>We can provide pre-cast solutions depending on the customers need. The customers share the in-situ designs and we propose them pre-cast products to meet their requirements.</p>



M-30 grade RCC makes the structure strong and durable

High Quality

Factory-made, standardized, consistent quality product


Large quantities can be produced at low cost

Unique Design

Well-ventilated, compact yet spacious, easy to clean

Easy to Install

Quick and easy installation

Faster Construction

Fast turn-around time, usually around 6/7 days for construction

Reduced Labor

Better social distancing hence ensuring pandemic management

Modular Methodology

Modular methodology offers flexibility and design options