CAYA's Hand-Pump Monitoring Device is light-weight and durable & helps monitor the functioning of a hand pump, report breakdown and the reason for the breakdown in real time. The dashboard feature allows the user to view the hand pump data analysis report in real time.

The device consists of mechanical sensors assembled together in the shape of a hand-pump cylinder which makes installation convenient, and not prone to thefts and damages. The sensors are controlled by electronic PCB & data is transmitted through GPRS Network. All the data is managed at back-end & dashboard is created with varying degrees of detail, based on the need of the official.

Normally this kind of a device is expensive as it is heavily dependent upon electronic sensors, & less robust for use in developing countries conditions. They also consume a lot of energy hence need frequent battery replacements. Our device has mechanical sensors and they work without any electronic circuit. Most functions only get activated once there is a fault and don't consume any battery in dormant mode.



A secure clip-on installation inside the handpump


Measures the GPS coordinates of the pump


Does not impact the quality of water


Sends real-time breakdown notifications & reasons


Integrated dashboard helps to monitor multiple hand pumps


5 sensors ensure easy servicing and maintenance


Measures service intervention time

5 Powerful Sensors

  1. Water presence sensor determines the presence of water in the borehole
  2. Hand pump handle movement sensor counts the number of movements of the handle
  3. Water output sensor determines if water is coming out of the hand-pump
  4. Sensor to report chain status gets activated only when the chain is damaged. At all other times, it would remain off i.e. zero power consumption mode
  5. Operation and Maintenance Sensor reports opening and closing of hand-pump body, indicating date and time of repair


  1. Provides a secure online tool to access the above-mentioned variables
  2. Provides a dashboard to have a bird's eye view of the hand pumps status
  3. Automatic alarms in case hand pump performance is compromised

Dashboard Features

Web based Dashboard at various user levels. Example- district, state, technician

Reports and dashboard will be based on user's profile type

Maps with devices installed

Reports and CSV / Excel Export for raw data

Inbound SMS based issue resolution and tickets closure

Outbound SMS to Technicians for issues reported